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Lighting Southern Louisiana

New Orleans Lighting Associates, LLC serves commercial, industrial and government customers throughout Southern Louisiana with the best architectural, sports and outdoor lighting available. We work directly with manufacturers to bring property owners or managers high quality products at fair prices.

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  • Architectural Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
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  • LED Landscape Lighting
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  • Roadway Lighting
  • Sign Lighting
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  • Lighting For Every Need

Our company works with architects, builders and developers to ensure lighting meets the project goals, whether they're about safety, budget, aesthetics or energy efficiency. New Orleans Lighting Associates, LLC represents many manufacturers who create long-lasting and cost effective LED architectural and landscape lighting.

We'll be happy to show you a portfolio of the products we represent, from national companies like ABS Lighting, Inter-Lux and SPJ Lighting. From our New Orleans, LA headquarters, we serve commercial, governmental and industrial clients throughout Southern Louisiana.

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If you are considering new construction or renovation and need appropriate lighting, we'll be delighted to offer a free consultation and prepare a competitive bid for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.